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Roubina is a leading company in the field of supplying wholesale arcopal, porcelain and stained glass dishes. We serve a good number of buyers and suppliers around the world. Our company is structured to be one of the major companies supplying and exporting arcopal and porcelain dishes in large quantities. We are committed to providing authentic, fast and innovative services, in an effort to move up the business ladder successfully and more importantly, flourish in the field of supplying porcelain and arcopal tableware. Last but not least, we are flexible on any terms you want, offering best-in-class products in any large amount according to your desire.

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Chinese tableware

Original porcelain dishes are light, contrary to imagination, but fake porcelain dishes are usually heavy and do not have the ability to withstand heat, but original dishes are usually highly resistant to heat and do not break. If the porcelain dishes are original, they also have the quality of color and do not change color due to washing or being put in the dishwasher, and their patterns do not become dull.

Arcopal service

The use of Arcopal service has grown significantly now. These containers are lighter and cheaper than porcelain and glass containers. Therefore, most people prefer to use the quality set of Arcopal, which is also economical. It is better to buy these containers from reputable sales centers to be sure of their quality.

Chinese saucer cup

Today, in our country, Chinese cups and saucers are available in many beautiful and stylish designs in various stores all over Iran, and each one is valued depending on the quality, size and dimensions, the beauty of the appearance of the cup and saucer, the brand of the product, and other items. People are sold.

Colored glass containers

Glass dinnerware can be classified by different criteria, one of which is the size and dimensions of these containers, and basically, these containers can be rectangular, circular, oval, or any other shape, size and Their dimensions and sizes are different from each other, which we will discuss further.

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