Biggest Wholesaler of Vintage Porcelain Tea Sets in Its Supply Chain

If you have searched for the biggest wholesaler of vintage porcelain tea sets, you must have seen the name of our factory. There are all kinds of tea sets in various designs and models available in the market with appropriate quality and fully guaranteed on our online wholesale site. A vintage porcelain tea set can make your home or Restaurant’s atmosphere feel nostalgic and add to the beauty of the decoration. Reasonable price and quality of goods are the features of our products.

Biggest Wholesaler of Vintage Porcelain Tea Sets in Its Supply Chain

Which Kind of Packaging Is the Best for Exporting Porcelain Tea Sets?

Which Kind of Packaging Is the Best for Exporting Porcelain Tea Sets? The most important part of the export is the packaging of your goods. If your commercial products, which are to be transported by plane, or sea, are not properly packaged, even at the lowest price and with the fastest shipping conditions, it will cause losses to the sender at the end of the project, Therefore in order to gain more profit, it is necessary to pack your goods properly.

For vulnerable and fragile loads such as porcelain tea sets, glass, and crystal containers, there are suitable packages such as strong cartons, plastic and Styrofoam boxes, wooden and metal boxes, as well as large and small pallets. By using them, your fragile goods will not damage.

Fragile items such as tea sets should be packed and protected in suitable packages by bubble wrap and shock absorbers. The space inside the boxes should be filled with light and shock-absorbing materials to prevent damage to the equipment. These are the best packaging for exporting products.

What’s the Hs Code of Porcelain Tea Sets?

What’s the Hs Code of Porcelain Tea Sets? HS Code is a performance standardization system for the identification and classification of products designed by governments to address tax, pricing, budgeting, and economic policies. Tariff and non-tariff measures of international trade regulations as well as maintenance of customs statistics are included in this system. The International Commodity Code specifies many product details. In global markets, buyers and sellers record the international code, which is HS-CODE, in their sales invoices.

The exporter (or seller of the goods) is obliged to define the customs code of the product and in case the HS product code is defined incorrectly (either intentionally or accidentally) in any case, it has violated the customs rules and regulations, which leads to Administrative penalties of 50% to 200% of the customs value of the goods will be imposed.

The HS Code for porcelain tea sets is 70 and its 4 digit categories are7001_7020. Here are some applications of HS code: Collection of information and statistics of international trade, Rule of origins, Internal tax collection, Tariffs related to the transportation of goods.

The Peak of Selling Bulk Priced Porcelain Tea Sets in the EU Countries

The Peak of Selling Bulk Priced Porcelain Tea Sets in the EU Countries If we look at the export markets that have been hosting porcelain products so far, we find that most of the export markets for these products are European countries, which shows the quality level of these products. Therefore, China is the most important bulk distributor of tea sets in the EU countries and has reached the peak of sales.

The products of this country are 100% resistant to washing in dishwashers, and the radiance and color stability of the designs are guaranteed for life. Because when a product succeeds in entering such markets, it means that it has passed all the strict and precise European standards. These products are also very diverse in terms of role and design and include classic designs for special occasions and modern and simple designs for daily usage.

The tea sets made with quality raw materials can have a good competitive price in the market. Customers’ interest in having a variety of porcelain sets at home has also led to increased sales and exports of this product. You can see different types of sets with silver plated on our site at reasonable prices and different colors, and after receiving the appropriate information about the products contact us through communication channels and phone numbers.


  1. Having a cup of tea in the afternoon is the most delightful part of my day…
    These vintage porcelain tea sets are really gorges!

  2. I really like those old traditional tea sets they look beautiful.

    I’m really interested in price as mentioned above you have competitive price.

    How can I contact your sales agent?

  3. I think these sets are wonderful gifts for every woman, especially those who care about beauty. These cheerful sets turn tea for one into an occasion. I believe these well-designed sets can please all tea-lovers.

  4. How fantastic they are! :))
    I can make a great collection with them.
    Thank you for mentioning the hs cod of this product. It makes it easier to order.

  5. using Porcelain Tea Sets will give you a nostalgic feeling as we had some memories when we went to our grandmother’s house and drank tea in Porcelain cups in addition it has some modern types.

  6. Tea sets are really beautiful and nostalgic, and make drinking tea much more enjoyable, the beautiful sets you have are really beautiful and admirable

  7. Thank you for your various kinds of porcelain tea sets. Your catalog and your site are the best in their fields.

  8. The technical information such as HS code and packing shows how professional the company is. By the way the design of the tea sets are very elegant and reminds me of the Victorian Era 😍.

  9. One of the most important points that have mentioned in the article was packing
    These kind of products like Porcelain Tea Sets needs to be packed very carefully

  10. A beautiful and well-made set. The pieces are gorgeous and heavier than I thought. Well made. Color is rich and the size of the cup is perfect

  11. There’s no one who can say porcelain plates are not the best to use when eating. They have always been trendy and some of their designs are nostalgic for most of us. Plus it’s user-friendly when it comes to cleaning. What more do you want?

  12. These tea sets are amazing , how can I see more models?
    I filled out a form and texted you on whatsapp.
    Please answer me soonnnn.

  13. It is really significant to get to know the necessity of porcelain at home. Very nice plates, cups and dishes which could be used for every ceremony.

  14. Wow, I think drinking tea in these tea sets has a different taste. These sets are very nostalgic for me

  15. It is always nice to have a classical and nostalgic ambiance within your home. The more modern humans are, the more technology is overwhelming us, and the more we need to connect with our inner selves. Not only porcelain tea sets would be a beautiful ornament for your home they would also provide you with such an environment.

  16. Vintage teacups can be worth quite a lot! these tea sets are exactly what I’m looking for. my customers are always looking for teach cups which are water resistant and have stability and guarantee to make sure that their fragile goods will not damage.

  17. I do like the design and quality you have done a fabulous job guys. I have ordered it for my Grandma’s birthday and Im sure she will like it

  18. The main point about exporting porcelain fragile tea sets is to package them into strong and hard boxes, so they won’t be damaged on their way to the destination.

  19. I have always wanted to perceive a different sense while drinking tea.
    I am sure having these porcelain set can give you that sense.
    The old patterns on the sets look more stunning.

  20. The choice of the porcelain tea set is of great importance as the more attractive they look, the better time you’ll experience with the ones you’ve invited over.

  21. Vintage porcelain tea sets are the most amazing sets you can find in the market. Every house needs a set.

  22. I like to have different types of Vintage Porcelain Tea Sets and use them on every occasion for my guests.

  23. Porcelain is a material that is especially delicate, so you have to be extremely careful when preparing it to be shipped.

  24. Beautiful collection of Porcelain Tea Sets here. How can We get them? Please tell me how can I get Porcelain Tea Sets from here?

  25. Vintage Porcelain Tea Sets are one of the decorative sets at each house.Those high quality raw materials can have a good competitive price both in the market and family.Highly recommend you to have 2 or 3 sets of these decorative means in your house.

  26. Thanks for telling the HS code. I have been looking for that during the previous few days. Do you export to Pakistan?

  27. Styrofoam boxes and bubble wraps are great for porcelain products.
    It’s really good that you guys are providing these options to customers!
    I have worked with some companies which was a waste of time and money…

  28. I was wondering how could a breakable product be transfered to other countries outside the borders, but i have seen your explanation of packaging in your website and that was intresting.

  29. I’m really pleased with this teacup and saucer set. I was slightly apprehensive about ordering from this brand since I was unaware of it. It turned out to be fine. The products are quite stunning. The product was well worth the money and I intend to place another order to expand my business further.

  30. Actually I order this tea sets and it was very popular here in Georgia i will order one container per month

  31. as kids We never understood why our moms were so sensitive about their Tea sets?? but I think now We do!
    it’s a pity that we have broken so many of these beautiful babies!

  32. Vintage porcelain tea sets that you present are really interesting and I would like to have them in my place!

  33. Why is porcelain good for tea?
    Firstly, non-porous china won’t leach unpleasant flavours. The smooth, slippery surface also makes it difficult for the bitter tannins in tea to cling to your cup

  34. We are a famous porcelain vintage teapot supplier and our products with different shapes are available in the market. They are both used for houses and restaurants. We are also active in export and are trying to find new international markets. In this business and especially for its export, the packaging is very important.

  35. I ordered a container last year from Dubai. However they were beautiful but many of them were broken. I lost a lot. The package is very important.

  36. the price of your company is really competitive. I have bought several time, the taste is really fantastic. Hope I can order very soon.

  37. Absolutely marvelous gift sets for our mothers and lovers. I bought in whole for my small gift shop and they were quite popular at that time. I’m definitely planning to do purchase again.

  38. One of the most important factors in exporting such goods, is the type of packaging. If the packaging of your company’s products is of sufficient quality, you will definitely be successful in trading this product. And we will set our first order

  39. Hello, your tea service products are very beautiful and pleasant. Please explain the variety of products to me.

  40. Hello, your tea service products are very beautiful and pleasant. Please explain the variety of products to me.

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  42. It is very important what kind of tea is served in the cup for the guest, you send these products with the best packaging so that there is no problem for these porcelain products.

  43. Hello. Good job
    A vintage porcelain tea set can make my house atmosphere feel nostalgic and add to the beauty of the decoration. Thanks a lot

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