China hotel serving dishes wholesale price

china hotel serving dishes are usually plain white in color and with margins of golden, black, crimson, blue and jade colors that make the appearance of the dish more luxurious. These dishes are different in appearance and ingredients from the Chine dishes used to serve at home.Hotel serving utensils are usually sold in large quantities and at wholesale prices, and selling them separately or in quantities that are usually intended for home dining services is not cost-effective for manufacturers.

China hotel serving dishes wholesale price

How china hotel serving dishes are made?

How china hotel serving dishes are made?

In terms of structure and raw materials, porcelain dishes are made of a type of soil called kaolin, which contains silica, aluminum and water. The soil hardens at high temperatures and becomes bright and shiny. 

These dishes are one of the healthiest dishes to serve and are considered ceramic products. 

The hotel’s china dishes include a variety of restaurant dinner plates, a variety of restaurant dining dishes, restaurant dining packs and other utensils used in restaurants to serve food. 

These dishes are very high quality and are made of completely standard materials, and compounds that are harmful to health have not been used. 

The restaurant style dishes are designed in such a way that the   enameled surface is completely smooth and uniform and there are no grooves or corrosion in it, which makes these dishes antibacterial and easy to clean when washing. 

When making these dishes, ceramic materials are used, which make them highly resistant to impact and lip filling compared to Chinese homeware. The density of these ceramic materials makes it impossible to see any holes or pores on the surface of the container. 

In the construction of hotel dishes, materials are used that make the dish very resistant to high temperatures and increase its shock absorption in the temperature fluctuations that enter it, so it is easy to put hotel dishes in the microwave without worrying about breaking or cracking them. 

In terms of size, the molding of hotel utensils is different from home utensils, and it is larger in size and accommodates more food. 

Buy china hotel serving dishes at wholesale price

Buy china hotel serving dishes at wholesale price

Hotel dishes are more vulnerable to damage than home appliances. 

These people have purchased their required products from the sales agents of the manufacturer of Chinese restaurant dishes at a wholesale price, and through this, from the special discounts offered by the manufacturer of Chinese dishes for them. 

Because this group of applicants cannot go to the market once to buy each damaged container, it takes a lot of time and energy from them and it is not cost-effective for them. 

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