High Quality porcelain dinnerware Suppliers

Porcelain dishes are the healthiest dishes to eat and have many benefits. These types of dishes are available in different colors and designs in the market and you can buy and use them depending on your taste and needs. You can also buy this type of utensils in different ways and be satisfied with its quality. here we wany explain about porcelain dinnerware, casual porcelain dinnerware, white porcelain dinnerware, Sales market, price of the day and ect. 

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High Quality porcelain dinnerware Suppliers

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drop-ship directory porcelain dinnerware Introducing china In general, porcelain is a product of the ceramic industry that is prepared for serving food. These dishes are divided into different groups based on the type of production process: thermal process, cooking temperature, transparency, light transmission and water absorption percentage. 

Characteristics of glazed or porcelain ceramic parts: It has a combination of glass and white If a soft, gentle blow is struck to a piece of porcelain, a sound like a ringing sound can be heard continuously. Porcelain dishes are waterproof and decorated with artificial colors (in some porcelains water absorption is very low and varies between 0.2% to 1%) Studies show that due to the high cooking temperature of china (about 1400 degrees) And the smooth and polished surfaces that make it easy to wash, these dishes are the highest quality dishes for consumption in terms of hygiene. They are food. It should be noted that the glaze coating of porcelain dishes has no effect on food composition and these dishes can also be used for Serve both cold and hot dishes. 

Bone porcelain, glass porcelain, soft porcelain and hard porcelain are different types of glazed porcelain that differ in terms of physical properties, cooking method and characteristics. In the meantime, the best type of porcelain tableware is hard porcelain. The baking temperature of hard porcelain in the first stage is between 980 to 1000 and in the second stage, when the temperature of the glaze oven is between 1360 and 1420. Water absorption in hard porcelain is very low (something less) From 2 tenths of a percent) and the whiteness of this type of porcelain is about 75 percent. 

The most important features of high quality porcelain Transparency, heat shock, impact resistance, color fastness, color, glaze and role due to continuous washing, porcelain style, usability in dishwasher and microwave, less water absorption, porcelain color and whiteness, porcelain glaze hardness, porcelain is not scratched Based on the constant use of spoons and forks, it is one of the most prominent features of a quality porcelain. A suitable set of porcelain dishes including breakfast dishes, soup bowls, soup lids, teapots, pots, salt and pepper shakers, cups and saucers, dinner plates, stew plates, lemon juices, sugar bowls, dishes in different sizes and .. . is. 

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