Unbreakable glass dinner set for export

Today, with the advancement of technology, more exports are done online. Iran is known as the largest exporter of unbreakable glass dinner set in the Middle East. glass dinner exports are mostly exported to Turkey, Europe, Central Asia and Iraq.

Unbreakable glass dinner set for export

How to identify unbreakable glass dinner set?

How to identify unbreakable glass dinner set? Although glassware and crystalware are both made of the same material, the presence of lead in the original crystal has increased the quality and price of glassware. Therefore, it is important to determine whether the container is crystal or glass. In the following, the luxury content creation team has presented seven simple solutions to distinguish between the two:

Hold the glass against the light. If it acts like a prism and you see a rainbow, you have an original crystal in your hand. Otherwise, the container in your hand is ordinary glass.
Crystal dishes are clearer than regular glassware. Crystal has distinct transparency and brightness compared to similar products.
You can use the same ear to identify the original crystal from similar products. If you wet your finger and pull around the edge of a crystal container, it will produce a melodic resonance.

The glass has sharp cuts, while the original crystal cuts are clean and rounded.
Finally, there is an easier way than this. The simple way is to buy products with a reputable and registered brand from reputable stores and agencies of these brands. Certainly, a brand that sells luxury goods will not jeopardize its reputation by selling poor quality goods. Fakher Afarin Cup sales experts advise fans of crystal dishes to never buy from unreliable and anonymous sellers and only trust official agencies and their experienced sellers to buy the original crystal..

Export data for unbreakable glass dinner set

Export data for unbreakable glass dinner set Porcelain is exported from Iran to different countries. The types of break resistant dinnerware services produced with the best quality in the global market have many buyers. In fact, the appropriateness of the quality and price of the Iranian glass service has made it famous in the world.

Export of chinaware is one of the cases that has a long history in Iran. The reason is the existence of old and professional companies in the production of porcelain, which have been leaders in the design and production of this product with new models and first-class quality. Given that the competition in the supply of porcelain in the global market is very high, the product can achieve good sales, which have the right quality and price at the same time. A point that porcelain manufacturers pay enough attention to. Therefore, porcelain is exported from Iran to many countries and mainly. The top ten countries that have been major exporters of Iranian porcelain in recent years include the following:

  • Iraq
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Oman
  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Kazakhsta
  • Russia
  • Armenia

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