White restaurant china dishes suppliers

The use of suitable porcelain in the reception is one of the etiquette etiquettes. In the etiquette and reception of the guests, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the type and design of the catering utensils. The role of white Chinese  dishes in the hotel industry is doubly important when it comes to catering and service in hotels and restaurants.These dishes, as their name suggests, were first produced in China. in this article we want to talk about white restaurant china dishes.White restaurant china dishes suppliers

Where to use White restaurant china dishes ?

Where to use White restaurant china dishes ? Porcelain dishes are one of the most common dining services that are produced in two types of home and hotel. There are different types of home porcelain tableware in the market with different designs, colors and even materials, and it is very different from hotel porcelain tableware. A major difference between homemade porcelain and hotel porcelain is the degree of shock. All Chinese services used in hotel kitchens can be used in the microwave due to high shock. However, home Chinese services cannot be placed on the microwave because they can damage the Chinese surface.  Hotel services are exposed to colored materials from food and beverages and need to be clean and tidy at all times. The use of strong, bleaching chemicals is not a good idea to keep Chinese services clean. Chinese hotel services can be washed in the dishwasher and are not easily stained and dirty due to their polished enamel coating. you can find Restaurant Dinnerware in this article. 

How to supply White restaurant china dishes?

How to supply White restaurant china dishes? The history of industrial production of porcelain in the country is about 35 to 40 years and about 5 units with a nominal capacity of about 5,200 tons were active. This period has grown by 1,500 percent.

Today, the largest Chinese-made production unit in the country is the Chinese Toos Manufacturing Complex, the largest Chinese-made Manufactured Manufacturer in the Middle East and the second largest Chinese manufacturer in the world with an annual capacity of 22,000 tons. Also, in 1992, 900 tons of porcelain were imported from Germany, China, the UAE, Turkey, Russia and the Republic of Korea. Paying attention to the wide range of Chinese products, including: dishes, plates, appetizers, bowls, teapots, pitchers, salt and pepper spray, cigarette butts, glasses, sugar bowls, saucer, milk and sauce, and their widespread use in home use, hotel industry And restaurants, the need to build a high-quality Chinese manufacturing unit in the country is felt. you will find vintage restaurant dishes in internet. 

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